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Global Mission

Meet a Global Mission Pioneer

Meet a Global Mission Pioneer
Eswar's Passion
for People

Eswar answered the door and smiled at the friendly looking man standing there. The man introduced himself as a Christian pastor, and Eswar invited him in. Eswar was also a Christian, and he was always glad to speak to other Christians. He invited the pastor to return, and the two studied the Bible together. Eagerly Eswar accepted the new Bible truths he was learning, and before long he joined the Adventist Church.

Eswar felt a burning desire to share the new truths he was learning about God. He quit his factory job and became a Global Mission pioneer.

Eswar enjoys people. Often he sits near the village temple and visits with people who pass by. He looks for ways to tell them about Jesus.

Trouble and Testimony
Some people weren't happy with Eswar when people in the village became Christians. One day a young man heard him talking of Jesus. He grabbed Eswar by the collar and took him to a group of angry men who demanded that he stop trying to convert them to Christianity. Eswar said he couldn't force anyone to change their faith.

Then they took him to the village elders, who asked him why he had come to their village. "I've come to tell the people about Jesus," Eswar said simply. The elders sat back and listened as Eswar spoke, starting with Genesis and leading the men through the Bible. "This same Jesus is coming back soon," Eswar finished. "I must tell everyone who will listen so they can be ready when Jesus comes."
When Eswar finished, the elders said, "Your religion is good. We cannot accept Jesus, but you can convert our children."

The men who had taken Eswar to the local elders were surprised and angry, but they could do nothing to stop Eswar from speaking to people about Christ. They stopped harassing him, and some even went to him privately to ask for prayer for their loved ones. Several now allow their children to hear stories of Jesus too.

The Temple Priest's Funeral
A temple priest often listened to his radio while working in the village temple. He found a Christian station and heard about Jesus. One day as Eswar walked by this man's house, the priest called to him and asked what he was doing in the village. "You're a priest of the temple gods," Eswar said smiling. "I'm a priest of Jesus Christ." The priest nodded and chuckled.

Eswar visited him several times. Then one day he learned that the priest had died. The man's family gathered for the funeral, but they couldn't find a priest to bury the man. They asked Eswar to speak at the funeral. Eswar prayed that God would give him the right words to say for he knew that some of those who had fought his ministry would be at the funeral.

The family asked Eswar to perform a Christian funeral for the temple priest. Eswar sang a song that spoke of the hope of resurrection in Jesus. Then he read promises of Jesus' second coming from the Bible. After the funeral several people came to Eswar and asked to know more about Jesus.
Eswar continues to make friends for Jesus. His friendship evangelism in this village has helped lead 75 people to Christ so far.

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Charlotte Ishkanian
Editor of the Mission magazines.