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Veiled Country: A Message of Hope

The clock said 2:30 AM. Sarah* found it hard to go back to sleep. She paced her room, listened to a sermon, and read some Bible passages. After being awake for two hours, she finally prayed, “Lord, what do you need me to do?”

She felt impressed to share a Bible verse with Fatma, a girl she’d been giving Spanish lessons to, and who had become a close friend. Fatma had become very discouraged after taking a difficult Spanish exam and had withdrawn from her friends. Sarah grabbed her phone and messaged Fatma.

The two met the following week, and Fatma told Sarah that she had been depressed for several days. “That night was very difficult. I went to bed crying. But then I woke up and saw your message, and that verse brought peace to my heart.”

Sarah is a Waldensian Student. The first time she introduced Fatma to the Bible was when she read the verse of “God is love” on her phone. They now practice their Spanish by reading the Bible on their phones. Fatma’s favorite story is the one about Ruth.

Sarah says, “God is moving in this area, maybe not with massive baptisms but through friendship and love. My friend has learned that God loves her, not for her deeds but because she is a child of God.”

*Names have been changed