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Global Mission

A Pioneer Life for Me

A Global Mission pioneer in Botswana tells his story.

Nearly 2,500 Global Mission pioneers serve on the frontline of mission in nearly every corner of the world. This is story of just one of them.

“I think these people are really thirsting for the word of God, especially the true word of God," says Lesly Seetso, a Global Mission pioneer in Botswana.

Global Mission pioneers, such as Lesly, are church planters working to start new congregations of believers, often in difficult areas. Pioneers often spend a couple years working within the culture on just a small stipend. Despite the hardships, but they also find rewards. “This is my community. I work here and everyday I look forward to coming to this place and interacting with the people who live here, and offering them the message of hope," says Lesly.

Pioneers often face many challenges, but also earn the reward of seeing people give their lives to Christ. “I’ve only been here for a month now," says Lesly, "when you first get here you get mixed feelings because it’s an area that is known for worst case scenarios. Alcohol abuse, substance abuse, all kinds of abuse and you wonder how are you going to achieve the work of the Lord here."

Even in such a short time, Lesly is working with local leaders to improve this community and meet the needs of the people. Recently he has spent a lot of time volunteering at a local daycare. He teaches the kids, tells, them stories, and even prays with them. His goal is to improve the daycare’s conditions and help them in any way he can.

When asked what he’d like the world church to for him, Lesly said, “I’ll ask the Global church to pray for is availability of people who are willing to partake in this work. I just yearn to see the lives of people being changed because I know that there’s a lot that God wants to do here in the lives of so many people. Just like he has impacted my own life. That’s what’s really keeping me going day and night.”

Lesly's story appeared onto 4th quarter 2015 Mission SpotlightTM. Click here for more videos from Mission 360˚.