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London: ACTS

In this post- Christian society, Pastor Matthew Herel is leading an initiative that uses service and volunteering as an evangelistic strategy. Active Christians Transforming Society (ACTS) was formed to be a means of serving and being present in the community.

Pastor Herel says, “We’re not only saying, ‘How can we serve you?’ but also ‘Come and serve with us as we serve others.’”

On the first Sabbath of every month, ACTS invites the members to do service instead of sitting in a service. The volunteers go out into the community and participate in activities such as meal preparation in resettlement centers for homeless individuals.

For the Sabbath services, they rent a hall at the local library in an effort to meet people where they are. “In that library where we have regular, day-to-day people, we often have people stop by, poke their heads in, and come and sit down,” Pastor Herel says.

Pastor Herel hopes to launch new ACTS chapters and to start digital media projects in the future, but his true desire is to enable people to find ways to serve through action.

Please pray for urban ministries such as this as they use innovative methods to reach the unreached.