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Global Mission

Veiled Country: Acts of Kindness

Less than a year ago, a Global Mission pioneer couple started church planting in a city of nearly 650,000 people with no known Adventists. They asked themselves, “How can we share the Bible with people who have never heard the name of Jesus?” They knew they needed to follow Christ’s method of ministry.

At the grocery store one day, Mei En* chatted with the lady ahead of her. Her name was Hai Lan* and she was blind. Mei En asked if there was anything she could do for the lady. “Please lead me to the checkout. I have to pay for my things,” she replied. After checking out, Mei En offered to help Hai Lan home. She owns a small massage parlor, which provides enough for her to raise her two children.

Mei En and her husband often visit Hai Lan, bringing her vegetables and brightening her day. They help sweep and clean up the parlor. They’ve told her that they’re Christians. Hai Lan said she didn’t know anything about Jesus and didn’t believe in any religion. She’s learned that she can only rely on herself.

Hai Lan is the pioneer couple’s first friend with special needs. They want to share God’s love with her and are sure that one day she will know Jesus. Please pray for this couple’s growing ministry.

A veiled country is one where the work of the church, our workers, and the people we seek to reach would be endangered if details were released. We’ve removed identifying information to protect the Global Mission pioneers and their community, so that the work can move forward to the glory of God.

*Name has been changed.