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Global Mission

Annual Sacrifice Offering
November 14, 2020

What are you willing to give up for mission?

In the early 1900s, Adventist missionary work was thriving. Missionaries were leaving their homes in great numbers, traveling to faraway places to share Jesus’ love.

Then the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic struck, killing millions and plunging the economy into recession. Tithes and offerings dropped, and there wasn’t enough money to continue supporting the missionaries. Church leaders were afraid they would have to recall them.

So, in 1921, they turned to the church members for help, asking for a special offering of sacrifice. And the people gave. More than 200,000 members donated nearly six days of their weekly wages! Because of their generosity, our missionaries were able to continue their important work.

Now, 100 years later, our church faces a similar crisis as COVID-19 shatters lives and the economy.

As overall mission giving decreases, continuing support for the ministry of Global Mission pioneers such as Filip is even more crucial. These mostly local missionaries specialize in reaching the world’s most difficult to reach people groups for Jesus. Living on a basic stipend, they follow Christ’s method of ministry, mingling with people, meeting their needs, and lovingly guiding them through the process of becoming disciples. As they’ve raised new groups of believers, they’ve helped swell the ranks of God’s end-time movement. But they can’t do it alone.

As history repeats itself, can we, as a church, repeat a heartfelt, sacrificial response to keep our missionaries on the front lines?