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Global Mission

Annual Sacrifice Offering - November 9, 2019

What are you willing to give up for mission?

A long time ago, the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s mission program was in trouble. The church was going to have to call all the missionaries back home. There wasn’t enough money to support the missionaries’ service. But they couldn’t just give up.

Asking for a miracle, the Church had a special week of prayer and sacrifice. And people did sacrifice. Men, women, and children dug deep and came up with a way to give a special mission offering to keep the missionaries in the mission field. Everyone rejoiced! And that’s how the Annual Sacrifice Offering started.

Today, we’re not about to recall all the missionaries, but there is still a huge mission challenge. When you consider that only ⅓ of the people on this planet are Christian--let alone Adventist--that’s a lot of people who haven’t yet heard the Advent message! Every year, the Annual Sacrifice Offering helps the Church’s Global Mission program, which plants new groups of believers by using Christ’s method among unreached people. So that’s why we are asking, what are you willing to sacrifice? What are you willing to give up for one week for mission?

What if a lot of people gave up desserts for a week, or didn’t order pizza, or drank water instead, and gave that money to mission? Or what if they didn’t eat out, put off buying an extra pair of shoes, or bought something used instead of something new, or walked somewhere or carpooled and saved on gas/petrol, and gave that money to mission?

What if every Adventist everywhere gave up one thing for one week, and gave that extra money to mission? What if your family, your congregation, your Sabbath School class, or your Bible study group worked together to sacrifice for one week for mission?

So what are you willing to sacrifice? What can you give up for mission for a week?