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How to Access Grants for Business as Mission

If you are a mission-minded business professional who wants to make Adventist mission an intentional part of your business, then you may be interested in these grants available from Global Mission to help you take mission to the next level. Please note from the beginning that accessing these funds requires cooperation with your local conference.

Global Mission grants are not business venture capital but mission venture capital. Global Mission does not fund large capital expenses like buildings, equipment, etc. Global Mission primarily funds people—people whose main purpose is to build relationships and start new churches in the large cities of the world. And “church” does not refer to buildings, but to worshiping groups of believers who meet wherever they can: homes, apartments, offices, cafes, parks, or anywhere else.

Grants for UCIs

Global Mission has two primary funding streams. One is for Urban Centers of Influence (UCIs). UCI grants are for starting or transforming a business into a church planting factory in large cities. Currently a million dollars is budgeted for new UCIs around the world every year. Each project is funded for three years with the expectation that it becomes self-sustaining within that time. Three grants are awarded each year for $150,000. Four more are awarded for up to $75,000. And ten are awarded each year for up to $25,000. In addition to this funding, the division, union, and conference are required to contribute funding as well. See for more details.

Grants for Single Church Plants

The second primary funding stream from Global Mission is for projects trying to plant a single new church in large cities or in less populated locations. Funding is available for church planter stipends and/or other expenses related to starting a new church. The amount of funding available depends on the location and the priority of the people group being focused on. Accessing this funding requires building a working relationship with your local conference, both to secure their cooperation and for access to the Mission Priority System where applications and reports are submitted.

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