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Global Mission

Pioneers Reach Hearts in the Republic of Moldova

  • Vladimir, center, is fearless. Without hesitation, he often approaches strangers with books, newspapers, and invitations to events. The special message he has to share makes him bold. As a Global Mission pioneer, Vladimir’s job is to mingle and share Jesus with the people in Moldova’s capital city, Chișinău. He’s a canvassing pioneer, selling and giving books on spiritual topics.

  • Vladimir has been visiting Angela, bringing her the latest issue of the local Adventist church’s newspaper. She loves reading the articles and completing the short Bible studies that are included. She is even interested in visiting the local Adventist church. For those with little spiritual interest, Vladimir offers books on health and wellness. This is a topic of growing interest in Chișinău, so most people are happy to accept the books. When someone shows interest in health, Vladimir invites them to visit the nearby Global Mission Urban Center of Influence.

  • This Urban Center of Influence is a health center attached to a church. Visitors are particularly drawn to the health-food store inside.

  • At the front of the building, the center proudly displays different programs and services for passersby to check out.

  • Larissa, right, is the center’s coordinator and a Global Mission pioneer. She has invited a local doctor to lead a discussion with community members about healthy habits. This doctor regularly volunteers her time at the Urban Center of Influence and has developed a strong relationship with the Adventist church. The community members are eager to learn about living healthy lives.

  • Zinaida, center, is a frequent visitor. She was suffering from serious health problems when she discovered this center. Larissa invited her on regular walks, and the two soon became friends.

  • “We talked a lot during the walks, especially about Christian topics,” said Zinaida, left. “Then Larissa started studying the Bible with me. I had a Bible at home for many years but never touched it. I thought I had no time for it. Now, I find time to read it every day.” In time, Zinaida decided to give her heart to Jesus and was baptized. If it weren’t for Larissa, the gospel might not have been shared so clearly with many of the community members. Please pray for Global Mission pioneers, like Vladimir and Larissa, who are on the front lines of mission. Your giving empowers pioneers and Urban Centers of Influence to operate across the globe. Thank you for supporting Global Mission!