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Dear Friends

“I am amazed and inspired by the faithfulness of these believers”

I recently meet Pastor Senombo, a Global Mission pioneer who serves in a village in northern Botswana. When he first started working there, he thought he was the only Adventist around. Imagine his surprise when he met a small group of believers who had been worshipping there for years! 

The members were eager to share their story. They had been baptized in 2002 when an evangelistic campaign was held in their village. But when the meetings were over and the preachers had to leave, these new believers were on their own. They had no pastor to guide or encourage them, yet for 11 years they had remained faithful Adventists by worshipping together in each other’s homes. 

Meeting the unexpected Adventists in the village was only one of Pastor Senombo’s surprises. He had been working there for about a month when an elderly woman came to see him. She had been staying at the cattle post where the villagers keep their livestock, but word had reached her that a pastor had arrived in the village. 

Slowly but excitedly she made her way to Pastor Senombo’s home. When Pastor Senombo stepped out to greet her, the woman’s face was beaming. “Welcome, my son,” she said, “I have prayed for you to come for many years. I want to look upon the answer to my prayers.” 

The woman explained that she was one of the Adventists who had been baptized in 2002 and that she had tried to faithfully follow God ever since. Then she gave Pastor Senombo the tithes and offerings she had set aside for the past 11 years. 

Pastor Senombo was overwhelmed. “I am amazed and inspired by the faithfulness of these believers,” he says. 

Pastor Senombo and the Adventist members are working hard to reach their community. Their congregation is growing, but they need a church structure for the people are often reluctant to worship with a congregation that has no church home. Pastor Senombo asks that you pray that they will have a church soon and that the Holy Spirit will work upon the hearts of the villagers.

“I want to thank our Global Mission donors,” he adds. “I wish they could see the results of their giving—four people ready for baptism and many others studying God’s Word. I want them to know that their donations are touching lives here for God.”


Laurie Falvo

Adventist Mission

P.S. Every dollar given to Global Mission goes directly to the front lines of mission.