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Global Mission

Dear Friends

Sometimes all it takes is a seed. God can use anyone who is willing to answer His call.

When I first stepped foot in West Papua, I knew I was in for an inspiring visit. The remote location, the beautiful landscapes, and the exotic foods all spoke to me, but what really caught my attention were the people. The people of Indonesia are humble and hardworking. They will go out of their way to make visitors feel at home (and I did). 

As I flew around on the Adventist Aviation Services plane to the different islands of West Papua, I continued to hear amazing stories of how God was working in Indonesia. 

One man I will never forget is Philipus. I talked with Philipus as we walked through the town of Kaimana, and we eventually reached a church. The church stood proudly on the top of a hill. I attended a small group worship later that night and I could see that the members were filled with passion. A passion for mission. 

This congregation stemmed from the efforts of Philipus. Years ago, he was willing to follow God’s leading despite his own plans. He gave up his ambitions of being a police officer so he could plant a church in his hometown. To this day Philipus doesn’t regret a moment of it. He is so glad to play a small part in God’s big plan.

Sometimes all it takes is a seed. God can use anyone who is willing to answer His call. There are hundreds of Global Mission pioneers who have answered the call to plant new congregations around the world. They often work in challenging areas on the frontlines of mission. Many times their audience has never even heard the name of Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers for the people of Indonesia and other global communities. Please consider supporting Global Mission so that new seeds can be planted in areas around the world.


Thank you!