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I Never Knew

“I never knew Jesus loved me.”

Tabengwa’s life changed one day in 2002 when Adventist evangelists came to her African village. As she and her neighbors studied God’s Word, many of them decided to become Seventh-day Adventists. They were excited about their new faith, but without a pastor to lead them, they struggled when the evangelists left.

Most of the members joined other Christian churches or stopped attending altogether, but Tabengwa and a few of her family and friends remained faithful Adventists. Since they didn’t have a church of their own, they took turns worshipping in each other’s homes. 

“We felt so scattered and alone without a pastor,” says Tabengwa. “For years I prayed that God would send a minister to establish a church here. Then Pastor Senombo came. He was the answer to my prayers! I thank God for our pioneer, and I thank you for supporting his ministry.”

The congregation in the village is growing, and several people have been baptized, including a young woman named Beauty. 

Beauty met Pastor Senombo when he knocked on her door to ask if she wanted to study the Bible. “I was happy for this opportunity,” she says. “I knew that God existed, but I had never heard that He loved me. I’m so thankful to know that He does!” 

Beauty’s life is very different now. “I no longer enjoy the worldly activities that once interested me,” she says. “And I’ve learned how to pray. I had never talked to God before, but now I pray every day.” 

Beauty has been baptized, and is sharing God’s love with others in her community. “Thank you for supporting our pioneer,” she says. “There were many people in my village who didn’t know God before, but now, thanks to you, they do!”

When this photograph was taken, Gosenyamang had just worshipped with an Adventist congregation for the first time. 

“I went to church today because I was personally invited by the Global Mission pioneer,” she says. “He is a caring, compassionate man who lives a consistent Christian life.”

Pastor Senombo has been studying the Bible and praying with Gosenyamang for several months. She has embraced the seventh-day Sabbath and is considering being baptized. 

“I’ve started sharing with others what I’ve learned in the Bible,” she says. “There are so many people living in darkness in this village, but our pioneer is helping them to know and love God. Thank you for supporting his ministry.” 


The congregation affectionately calls Tabengwa their church mother. She had prayed 11 years for a pioneer!   Pastor Senombo (right) leads a small group Bible study in Tabengwa’s home (left). She has opened her home for the congregation to worship in every Sabbath. Beauty with her daughter, Pearl. 
 Gosenyamang thanks you for supporting Pastor Senombo.  Pastor Senombo studies the Bible and prays with people in the village.  Pastor Senombo studies the Bible and prays with people in the village.
 Sometimes he just stops by to see how people are doing.  
Sometimes he just stops by to see how people are doing.

Many of the villagers have asked Pastor Senombo to study the Bible with them.