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Global Mission


In this issue of Frontline is a story about a mission project you are helping to fund in Mongolia. You may remember when, not many years ago, the first Adventist convert was baptized in Mongolia. Now the church has taken root and has even started sending missionaries.

It’s a little bit of a misnomer to talk about the first Adventist convert in Mongolia being baptized only a few years ago. The truth is that the Adventist Church was growing in Mongolia long ago. It’s just that it died, and we had to start over. If we’re honest with ourselves, the same thing is happening in other places. Territories that had once been taken for Christ are being lost again. There’s no doubt about it; we are in the thick of a great controversy between good and evil, and evil still wins sometimes. Fortunately, we know that good will ultimately triumph, and we have the incredible privilege of participating in that victory through our prayers, personal witness, and giving to those who are working among unreached people groups. Evidently, you understand that privilege because you care enough about God’s mission to be reading Frontline.

If you are a regular contributor to Global Mission projects, thank you! If you are not a regular contributor, please consider becoming one. It is your gifts to God’s mission to unreached people that make possible stories like Bumchin and Bolormaa’s. Because people like you have generously given money that has been put to work in Mongolia, there is now a Mongolian yurt standing on the windy top of a crowded hill in Ulaanbaatar; and it is filled with people worshiping the God of heaven, many of them for the first time in their lives. Thank you!

P.S. An automatic donation can be set up easily so you don’t even need to remember to give your gift each month. Check it out at the Donate page on the Seventh-day Adventist Church mission website,