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Global Mission

Veiled Country: Peppers and More Peppers!

Can you imagine harvesting 5 acres of hot peppers on your own? A frontline Global Mission team in a veiled country found Mr. Wang* looking perplexed in his yard. He had thousands of hot peppers to harvest, but he didn’t have the right equipment or the money to hire workers. If the peppers were not harvested before they rotted, he would lose a lot of money.

These Global Mission pioneers were moved to help Mr. Wang, and they got together volunteers from their church plant. They spent 10 hard days helping with the harvest. Mr. Wang was able to deliver his peppers to the market, making a good profit. Word spread in Mr. Wang’s community about the helpful group of Christians, and he even decided to join them for worship on Sabbath!

This pioneer team is following Christ’s method of ministry through home visitations, community service and healthy living presentations. Their work in this unentered city is bringing more and more people to their Sabbath worships.

A veiled country is one where the work of the church, our workers, and the people we seek to reach would be endangered if details were released. We’ve removed identifying information to protect the Global Mission pioneers and their community, so that the work can move forward to the glory of God.

*Name has been changed