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Finland: Center of Hope

Vaasa, Finland, is a stronghold of secularism and atheism. But God is changing the lives of secular Europeans one by one. In 2013, an Urban Center of Influence (UCI) called the Vaasa Center of Hope opened. It featured a plant-based restaurant and meeting space, so community members could get delicious food and also attend seminars on health, depression recovery, and the Bible.

A young man, Jonas, went to a depression recovery class. “I was happy to learn that there is a church that not only focuses on spiritual health but takes the whole human being into consideration,” Jonas says. This wholistic approach follows Christ’s method of ministry: mingling with people, sympathizing with them, meeting their needs, winning their confidence, and inviting them to follow Him.

In the following months, Jonas also attended a seminar on Creation, meetings on Daniel and Revelation, and Bible studies. He couldn’t keep the wonderful truth he’d learned to himself and shared this new information with his friend Sebastian. Not long ago, Jonas and Sebastian (shown holding roses) were baptized together in front of their family and friends. Now, both young men have dedicated their lives to serve Christ.

God is using the Vaasa Center of Hope to transform lives, even in secular Finland. Please pray for the staff and volunteers as they minister to their community.