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Global Mission

Cyprus: A Place of Refuge

“When you are in Christ, you are born as a missionary,” Elias says. “We are trying to give all we have learned to serve others.” Elias and Melina left their home in Argentina and moved to Cyprus as Adventist volunteers.

Now this couple is reaching out to their new community. Melina says, “I think it’s important to have the same method Jesus had. First, he related to the person, saw their needs, and then preached.” So they go door to door to see what their neighbors need and are interested in. This is how they develop programs for Meeting Point, a Global Mission Urban Center of Influence (UCI) on the island.

At Meeting Point, visitors are offered nutrition advice, therapeutic massage, facial treatments, and more. These health programs give Elias and Melina the chance to connect with people who otherwise wouldn’t walk into an Adventist church.

Each Sabbath, a small church plant gathers at Meeting Point. “We want people to see this as a place of refuge, where they can find family and Jesus,” Elias explains. Thanks to your donations, this UCI and church plant are still growing. Please pray for God to touch many hearts in Cyprus.