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Canada: Finding a New Approach

“S ometimes they just don’t know how to approach us as people,” Kevin says, describing his experience as a blind member of the Adventist Church. He knows ministering to the visually impaired can be challenging. That’s why, in 2007, Kevin and his wife, Neena, helped start a small group specifically designed to welcome the blind community.

Hope Vision Fellowship, as the group was later named, has grown over the years. In 2016, two wonderful things happened: Global Mission helped support this church plant, and it was recognized as the first Adventist church for the visually impaired in North America.

Members actively share Jesus’ love with the blind community in the Toronto area. Most of the people who attend services aren’t Adventist, and they’re drawn by a feeling of safety and refuge. Their spiritual needs are met, and the church tries to meet their physical needs too by offering care packages for those who don’t have enough food.

Neena says many blind people need hope and refuge from life. She and Kevin want to see the visually impaired “come to know Jesus Christ and find healing and hope through His wonderful grace.” Your support of Global Mission makes church plants like this possible!