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India: Your Church Won’t Save You

Your church won’t save you,” threatened the men who were ready to beat Suleman. “You better leave now or we’ll get even with you.”

The angry group had already made previous missionaries leave. Those missionaries had tried to establish the first Adventist church in this New Delhi neighborhood, but there was a dispute over the land. Church leadership sent Global Mission pioneer Suleman to settle the problem. The pioneer asked God for wisdom on how best to handle this escalating conflict. He calmly met their angry words with a proposal: Let him stay on the property and maintain it until the matter was resolved. Miraculously, they agreed.

In the meantime, Suleman (second from left) and his wife (third from left) got to know the surrounding community. By God’s grace, people opened up to the gospel. Suleman’s wife befriended a woman named Sushma and shared her faith. As a result, Sushma began studying the Bible, eager to learn about God.

Today, the property is formally deeded to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in India. About 25 members worship there every Sabbath. Please pray for Suleman to overcome the challenges he faces. With your help, Global Mission pioneers like him are slowly sharing Jesus throughout the 10/40 Window.