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Global Mission

Lesotho: The Surprise Spouse

Lefa (second from left) had found his wife (third from left); he just didn’t know it yet. As a Global Mission pioneer, he frequently went house to house, getting to know the people in his community, praying with them, and studying the Bible together. This woman named Mmathato was one of those people. She wanted to learn more about God, so they studied His word together. She even wanted to go with Lefa and share God’s word with others, too. As time went by, the two began to consider marriage. They prayed about the possibility, trusting that if it were God’s will, He would allow it to happen. Soon, they were married.

Lefa and Mmathato now spread the gospel together. They continue to visit and study the Bible with families in their homes. They hold health expos, particularly in light of the drug abuse that is common in their community. When a family’s loved one dies, Lefa and Mmathato even help with funeral preparations. Together, they do all they can to show Jesus’ love to their community.

Thank you for your prayers and selfless gifts. Your support helps Global Mission pioneers like Lefa reach the unreached throughout southern Africa.