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Global Mission

Unnamed Country: Fully Learning Faith

"What if the Bible was changed?” my friend Burhan* asked with concern during our Bible study one Friday evening. He pointed out that many religions have their own holy book. Before I could reply, Celik* spoke up, sharing what he had learned in his personal studies.

Burhan and Celik were attending our weekly Bible study for the first time. I was surprised to hear that Celik had studied the Bible before. Many of our local and university friends don’t know much about the Bible, which isn’t unusual in this closed country. That’s why my fellow “Waldensian Students” and I came here: to quietly share Jesus at this university. We’ve been blessed to see our new friends growing more interested in God.

Somehow, our conversation that night turned to Seventh-day Adventist beliefs about the Bible and Jesus’ soon return. Each participant asked questions, eager to understand. Finally, Burhan said, “I want to learn fully about your faith. I want you to teach me from the Bible and help me learn.” Since then, I’ve been studying the Bible regularly with him.

Please pray for us as we share Jesus in this challenging, unreached place. Thank you for making our “Waldensian Student” ministry possible!

*Names have been changed.