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Colombia: Meeting the God of Hope

The church planters were stunned. “What did you say?” one of them asked.

“I’m going to kill myself tonight,” Alex* repeated quietly. He was dealing with trauma sustained during military service, and he was angry a lot. Waves of depression were pulling him under.

The believers, who had been going door to door, prayed over Alex, asking the Holy Spirit to come close to him and save his life. They shared Bible promises and stayed with him until he abandoned his plan. They regularly visited and offered encouragement, unwilling to leave him in hopelessness when they knew the God of hope.

Gradually, something about that offer of hope spoke to Alex and he decided to be baptized. Since then, his outlook on life has improved. His depression has subsided, and he’s able to focus on his Savior. He and his wife often take their adorable toddler to church on Sabbath.

This small group is part of a church plant in the mountains high above Bogotá. This poor community has experienced hardship, and the believers follow Christ’s method to reach out and help their neighbors. Since 2016, more than a dozen people have been baptized, and nearly 60 gather to worship each Sabbath. Please pray for this church plant and others across Colombia.

*name changed