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Global Mission

Georgia: Reflecting Christ

“Why are you going there?” concerned teachers started asking their students, who were going to the local Adventist church for Bible studies. “Do your parents know?”

But their parents did know and encouraged their children to continue studying God’s Word with Global Mission pioneer Tea (pronounced tay-uh). When the 12 planned studies ended, the youth even asked her to keep going!

This is part of Reflect, a youth group in the country of Georgia, which Tea helped grow. The group focuses on helping the community while learning about Jesus. “We chose the name Reflect because we want to show the youth how to shine and reflect good, positive things,” explains Irina, Reflect’s leader.

The youth co-host events such as art programs, movie nights, and community outreach activities like health expos. Nearly 70 community members showed up at the last health expo in the park, eager to learn about healthy living. Just before it started, the youth split into groups and went through the neighborhood inviting people.

Global Mission pioneers like Tea open doors by following Christ’s method and engaging with the community. Reflect is an example of a unique outreach opportunity made possible by your support of Global Mission. Thank you!