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Global Mission

MYANMAR: Serving the Long Necks

“The Adventist school taught my children many good things, like the truth of Scripture and the love of God,” shares Muo (shown above), a member of the Kayan tribe. “As I learned from my children, I became convinced that I should become an Adventist like them, and now I am.”

Muo is one of several parents who have been blessed by the ministry of Global Mission pioneer couple Salai and Kukupaw. The Kayan are sometimes called “the Long Necks” because of the brass coils the women wear.

Christ focused on people and their needs first, and Salai follows this example. He visits each family and gets to know them, forming friendships. Kukupaw has a nursing background. Together, she and Salai look after the sick and provide basic education for the children of this village.

By serving the people, Salai says, “We build their confidence and their trust in us in what we are doing.” The couple works hard to offer every family access to education. The parents appreciate this and have noticed that their children return home with much better attitudes.

Salai says, “Please pray for the Holy Spirit to soften their hearts so they will be receptive. And thank you so much for supporting our work here in Kone Thar village.”