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Global Mission

Brazil: A Silent Sign that Spoke

Soon you’ll live longer and better.” Carmelina (left) was walking down the street when these words stopped her in her tracks. She looked at the sign in confusion. She had no idea that she was standing in front of the Itajaí Life and Health Space, a new Urban Center of Influence (UCI).

For days, the words flashed through Carmelina’s mind—what did the sign mean? Eager to find out, she was one of the first people to visit the UCI when it opened. She discovered that the center offered classes on cooking, mental health, and emotional intelligence and decided to attend some of them. She loved what she was learning and gladly accepted an invitation to join a Bible study on spiritual intelligence.

This led Carmelina to attend the church that met at the UCI, where she made many friends. And most importantly, she came to know her new best friend, Jesus Christ. Today Carmelina is an active member of the church and often volunteers at the UCI. Her daughter (center) now attends the local Adventist school.

A sign spoke to Carmelina about the possibility of a better life, and now God uses Carmelina to encourage others. Please keep Carmelina and other new believers in your prayers. Thank you for supporting UCIs around the world through Global Mission.