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Global Mission

Empowering People with Disabilities

Within the city of Dodoma, Tanzania, lies a pressing need: support for people with disabilities. As in many areas of the world, they often face financial struggles, discrimination, and limited assistance.

Japheth, a man with albinism, had faced threats and violence in his village. After an attack that caused him to lose one eye, he found refuge in Dodoma with government assistance.

Gemima, a Global Mission pioneer in Dodoma, is dedicated to locating individuals with disabilities in her community. In her quest, she found Japheth and learned his story. She encouraged him and shared the Word of God with him. Then, she invited him to a camp meeting for people with special needs. There Japheth found a supportive and compassionate community. He committed his life to Jesus, and both he and his family joined Bible classes.

Gemima's dedication and your generous support play a crucial role in serving and demonstrating Jesus’ love to those with disabilities. Please keep all Global Mission pioneers in your prayers as they serve diverse communities.