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Global Mission

Frontline and Picture Story

Since 1990, Global Mission has been on the front lines of mission.

November 2022

Veiled Country: A Message of Hope

November 13, 2022

“That night was very difficult. I went to bed crying. But then I woke up and saw your message, and that verse brought peace to my heart.”

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Niger: Following Christ’s Method

November 20, 2022

What do ice cream and balloons have to do with church planting?

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London: ACTS

November 27, 2022

“We’re not only saying, ‘How can we serve you?’ but also ‘Come and serve with us as we serve others.’”

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The Unreached Need Your Help!

December 4, 2022

The violins, plants, and clay all help missionaries build relationships and lead people to Jesus!

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October 2022

A Tentmaker’s Life

October 30, 2022

“At first, I was penalized when they realized I wouldn’t play on Sabbath,” Asim said. “They cut my pay.

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Is God Calling You to Be a Tentmaker?

November 6, 2022

They form long-lasting relationships that enable them to touch hearts for Christ in ways they never could if they were official church workers.

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August 2022

Canada: I Am the Way

August 14, 2022

In a city where almost 95% of the church membership is made up of recent immigrants, the need for outreach to long-time residents is great.

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Veiled City: It Came in a Dream

August 21, 2022

The following day, I saw an old woman taking out her trash. She appeared to be sad.

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Veiled City: An Exciting Adventure

August 28, 2022

When asked what it was like to serve in a sensitive country, he responded, “Exciting . . . part of an adventure.”

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The Unreached Need Your Help!

September 4, 2022

God, before we take Miray to another costly exam, please show us if this is necessary.

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July 2022

Reaching out to a security guard in the Middle East

May 1, 2022

Several months passed, and we received an unexpected gift of US$40. I was puzzled. It seemed like God had sent the money directly from heaven.

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May 2022

Romania: Bible in a Kit

May 1, 2022

He had nothing else to do, so he picked it up and began to read. This first step changed his life.

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The Philippines: What a Miracle!

May 8, 2022

She saw a bloody wound stretching from chest to belly. Urgently, the man told her that his son had fallen off their house, landing on a fence post.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Safe from the Flames

May 15, 2022

But eventually, she realized that she was in great need and she trusted Lidija and Bojan enough to let them in. Hana says there is something different about them, and she wants to experience the same thing.

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The Unreached Need Your Help!

May 23, 2021

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Global Mission, it’s that God can and will use any method to touch someone’s heart.

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