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Global Mission

Reaching the Cities of Bangladesh

Global Mission pioneers plant churches in areas or among people groups where there is no Adventist presence.

They share the good news of Jesus through wholistic ministry, such as providing medical care, teaching agricultural skills, offering literacy programs, holding evangelistic meetings, and giving Bible studies.

When pioneers begin their work in a community, they move in. They rub shoulders with people, build relationships, and help them to improve their quality of life. Their message of hope reaches victims of human trafficking, refugees, addicts, prisoners, and those who are marginalized, depressed, in fear of spirits, or simply longing for something better in life. They point them to Jesus and, in time, they disciple a new group of believers.

A pioneer’s life can be difficult. Many struggle with a lack of resources, including an efficient means of transportation.

This was the case with our pioneers serving in Bangladesh. They spent a lot of time walking to people’s homes and to their church plants, time they could have spent sharing the love of Jesus.

Thanks to you, this problem was solved when each of the pioneers was given a bike to make their ministry far more effective.