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Global Mission

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Safe from the Flames

The whole family was in the rental house when the stove exploded. The flames spread quickly, but they got out safely, and the firefighters managed to put out the fire. Unfortunately, now the family not only had nowhere to live, but they also had to pay for the damage.

When Lidija heard what happened, she decided to show them Christianity in action and help out however possible. Hana*, the mother of the family, had attended several creative workshops led by Lidija and her husband, Bojan. So she knew the Global Mission pioneer couple and had spent time talking with them about life and faith.

Still, Hana refused help. She didn’t want charity. But eventually, she realized that she was in great need and she trusted Lidija and Bojan enough to let them in. Hana says there is something different about them, and she wants to experience the same thing.

The pioneers have learned that God uses different ways to reach people, and that sometimes God uses something negative to encourage positive changes in our lives. They’ve seen firsthand how He is drawing Hana closer.

“Sometimes it seems to us that there are no immediate, visible results, but God is working slowly on people’s hearts,” Lidija and Bojan say. Thank you for supporting this church planting effort in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

*Name has been changed.