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Global Mission

United States: The Epic Art House

The COVID-19 crisis has been tough! But even still, the Epic Art House has found creative ways to connect with the community through art-making camps and pottery classes.

The Epic Art House is an Urban Center of Influence (UCI) in Chicago,USA. It officially opened during the pandemic, and no one on the team had anticipated this! But caring for people when they are hurting most is exactly what they’re meant to do. They’re taking safety precautions and offering no-contact solutions during classes.

Take Laura, for example. Her children have participated in every single class at the Epic Art House since it opened, and they love it there! It’s a place where they can de-stress and socialize.

The UCI has been a blessing to Laura too! Recently, Laura called the manager of the Epic Art House because she needed someone to talk to. She was feeling very anxious because her husband had just tested positive for COVID, and she had lost her job. The manager listened attentively to her and then prayed with her. The team started trying to help Laura find a job.

The Epic Art House strives to meet people’s physical needs as well as their spiritual ones. They follow Jesus’ example of wholistic mission—that means caring for the whole person. They minister to the heart as well as the soul.

UCIs like the Epic Art House are making a difference around the world! Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support.