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Indonesia: The Showroom in Jakarta

In the city, it can be hard to find healthy food. It’s too easy to pick up fast food or a cheap meal. Yet even this challenge has provided an opportunity to introduce people to Christ.

Adventists in Indonesia have focused on city ministry by opening urban centers of influence (UCIs). For example, Club Sehat is a healthy grocery store with a vegetarian restaurant above. The staff and volunteers offer health seminars, cooking classes, and Bible studies too. They sell the healthy items that are hard to find.

Arlaine, the operations manager, says that this UCI is like a showroom. People can come to see who Adventists are—how they live, how they eat, and even how they dress. They don’t have to be afraid of going to a church. They can just stop by Club Sehat to learn more first.

The cooking and lifestyle classes have made a difference to the community. Many have experienced health improvements after learning of the Adventist Church’s teachings on health. “We can see how God has really intervened in the work here. How God has really blessed this ministry and brought healing to customers and guests,” Arlaine says.