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Global Mission

The Unreached Need Your Help!

Dear Friend,

The stories you read here are active examples of believers following Jesus' method of ministry. These believers are reaching out to at-risk communities, creating and embracing new groups of believers, and taking big risks for the gospel.

The Bible is full of stories of God’s people passionately taking care of those in need. Jesus had a pattern to His ministry: taking care of people’s needs to show them He cared, and then sharing the beautiful truth of salvation with them.

It is this combination of caring for people and sharing the Good News that is clearly shown through these present-day mission stories. Christ’s method of ministry is certainly alive and well throughout the worldwide church today. And we want to keep it going!

Your donations make the goals and dreams of the next generation of mission pioneers possible. These passionate disciples have creative visions for disciple-making programs, new urban centers of influence, and new church plants, especially in the 10/40 window.

Please join us in prayer and consider giving to Global Mission as each dollar moves us closer to the ultimate goal of sharing the gospel with the whole world.