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Global Mission

The Unreached Need Your Help!

It has been said that we should never underestimate the power of music. In this issue of Picture Story, we see how the Holy Spirit used the sweet sound of hymns to attract Daniel to encounter Adventists who were running a program at his local drug rehabilitation center. The very first visit sparked something that later transformed not only him but also his entire family.

God is working through volunteers at centers of influence in Colombia, Indonesia, and many parts of the world to impact local communities by sharing the good news about Jesus. And in an unentered city in a veiled country, Global Mission pioneers are impressing the hearts of perplexed pepper growers through selfless acts of kindness.

I hope you enjoy reading about the physical and mental health benefits that these volunteers and Global Mission pioneers are bringing to their local neighborhoods.

Thank you for your continued gifts and prayers which help to support Global Mission’s work around the world.