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Veiled Country: The Baby Wouldn’t Stop Crying

The baby was constantly crying! He just wouldn’t stop, and his mother had no idea what to do!

At eight months old, the baby had open heart surgery. Afterward, he was in the hospital for weeks taking strong medicines. The baby had to be weaned off these drugs, and the withdrawals made him miserable.

I’m a nurse serving as a tentmaker in a veiled country, and I was assigned to take care of this baby. I had a good relationship with the mom, so I asked her if I could help calm her baby. She said I could try. So I took her phone and played some peaceful hymns and worship songs. After a few minutes, I checked on the two, and they were both fast asleep.

That was the only day I worked with the mom and her baby because my patients change every day. Two weeks later, I was delighted when I ran into them in the hall. She told me, “Look at my son. He’s so peaceful now. I've been playing the songs you shared with me. Thank you so much."

All I could say was “Praise God!” And then I hugged her.

We’ve removed identifying information and images to protect this tentmaker and her community in this “veiled country,” so that the work can move forward for the glory of God. A tentmaker is an Adventist professional who uses his or her job to mingle with people and to share Jesus with the unreached. Learn more at