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Global Mission

Learn more about mission around the world and develop skills to build bridges with your neighbors of other faiths with these Global Mission books.

The Ephesus Model: A Biblical Framework for Urban Mission by Jeffery McAuliffe and Robert McAuliffe
The Ephesus Model offers a proven plan for Adventist urban mission. This plan comes from the Bible itself. Jeffrey and Robert McAuliffe outline the apostle Paul’s method for evangelizing cities by focusing on making disciples on a large scale. The McAuliffe brothers lay out a Bible-based vision that, with Holy Spirit power and guidance, will spread the end-time message of the gospel in cities, as far as we dare to dream.

Narrative, Meaning & Truth: Fulfilling the Mission in Relativist Contexts, edited by Bruce A. Brauer and Kleber D. Goncalves
Narrative, Meaning & Truth have become the focus of efforts to construct identity out of the contingencies of conscious existence, absent a sense of higher purpose. Telling the story of Jesus, drawing meaning from God’s hope for the world, and living the truth by the Spirit’s renewal have a profound significance for those who commit to faith in wake of relativism. The authors of this volume, drawing on a wealth of historical, philosophical, theological, and practical knowledge, speak to these and other challenges and rewards of Fulfilling the Mission in Relativistic Contexts.

Winning Hearts: Leading Buddhists to Faith in God, edited by Gregory and Amy Whitsett
How do we inspire interest in Christianity in our non-Christian friends and neighbors? What does it take for someone to want to become a disciple of Christ? The key is found in Ministry of Healing p. 143: Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people. But what does this look like in a Buddhist context? This volume is a collection of papers presented at the 2015 annual conference hosted by the Global Mission Center for East Asian Religions which focused on the ‘how’ of winning confidence as Jesus did.

It's Time: Voices from the Front Lines of Urban Mission, edited by Bettina Krause
From the front lines of the world's vast urban mission fields come real-life stories of sacrifice, creativity, and redemption. On street corners, through centers of influence, in homes and on public platforms, Seventh-day Adventists are serving as ambassadors of salvation in the rapidly growing urban areas of the world. It's Time tells the stories of Adventist church members who are looking beyond "the way we've always done it." These ordinary men and women are turning lives and communities upside down.

God's Mission to the Nations: An Old Testament Study Applied in the Hindu Context by Andrew Tompkins
Scripture records a number of instances in which a follower of the true God interacts with a person or people from the "nations" outside of Israel. These can be termed inter-religious encounters and they contain many insights on how God has worked in mission in the past. They also contain many principles that if understood can be applied in the present world of many religions. This book specifically looks at narratives such as Abraham, Joseph, Daniel, and Elisha with Naaman and many more to gain insights into how God has done mission in order to learn ways of doing mission in the present especially in the Hindu context.

New York City - A Symbol
More than half the world's population lives in cities. Reaching city-dwellers for Christ offers huge challenges and opportunities. This book is a compilation of Ellen White's instructions for reaching New York and the other great cities of the world.

Ministering to Mourners: Funeral Rituals & Christian Witness in East Asian Contexts, edited by Gregory and Amy Whitsett
This book looks at death and grieving rituals within the Buddhist context as examined from a Christian worldview. When a death occurs, immediate family members suspend their normal routines and gather from far and wide to grieve the loss and plan the funeral. But underlying the emotions and decisions for the funeral are beliefs and assumptions that are widely divergent and conflict often arises. Christians want the funeral at the church. Buddhists want monks to bless the deceased. For some, singing is preferred while for others chanting the suttras is best. But all desire to do what little they can to pay honor to their parent, their leader, their child, their friend.

Leviticus: Parashah, Haftarah, and Apostolic Writings by Richard Elofer
The book of Leviticus describes the worship services that took place within the Tabernacle and its courtyard, explaining how we are reconciled to God. It includes important admonitions instructing us to love our neighbor, as found in the precept, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). We invite you to join Dr. Elofer as he reveals important insights from Scripture and Jewish tradition to enhance our understanding of the book of Leviticus.

Exodus: Parashah, Haftarah, and Apostolic Writings by Richard Elofer
In this book, Dr. Richard Elofer expertly guides us through this story, pointing out features and concepts that are firmly grounded in Scripture and enhanced by the Jewish understanding as found in the Jewish tradition and writings. Join us as we accompany Bnei Yisrael toward their destiny.

Genesis: Parashah, Haftarah, and Apostolic Writings by Richard Elofer
This series of commentaries is all about words, and how we can best understand and interpret the words of Scripture. Dr. Elofer brings together the results of many years of study, and his unique perspective as a Jew who follows Yeshua. He examines the words of Scripture from different angles, compares them, discusses them, prays over them.