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Better Doctors?

Nobody likes to be a patient in the hospital. But I believe that’s exactly where God wanted me, even while waiting to be discharged.

As I sat in my room, anxious to leave, I got a routine visit by a patient relations officer of the hospital. She had a long list of questions about how I felt the hospital staff dealt with their patients. After gathering my information, she asked what I thought could be improved.

I realized it was a great open-ended question and possibly an opportunity for me to share something for God.

I suggested it might help if they could introduce their patients to the eight best doctors available. I couldn’t believe I was being so bold. With big eyes, she asked me who these eight doctors were.

With a smile, I told her about Dr. Nutrition, Dr. Exercise, Dr. Water, and so on until I’d covered all eight of the health principles! Finally, I introduced myself as a Seventh-day Adventist with a faith that held some beliefs in common with hers. I mentioned we don’t eat pork, drink alcohol, or gamble. And that we are waiting for the second coming of Jesus.

We talked for an hour about many things—her time in the United States, her graduate work in education, and the situation in her country. I asked whether I could pray with her, and she agreed.

That was the first prayer I had ever had with someone of her faith. I felt the Spirit working as I prayed, and when I was done, she was so happy and thankful. I believe God put me there at that time so that I could meet her.

That was a year ago. Last month I had to be admitted to the hospital again! I prayed that God would send somebody I could share His Word with, but even after two days, no opportunity came. I felt sad.

I was waiting to be discharged when I heard a knock on the door. The same patient relations officer stood in the doorway! She exclaimed, “I’ve met you before!”

I knew God had answered my prayer. He had brought her back to me! Again we talked about many things, and once again, God opened doors for me to share with her.

I explained that only through Jesus Christ can we be saved—a gift He gives us, accepted through our trust in Him. Before she left, she asked me to pray for her. She was hoping to find an apartment close to the hospital. I prayed for that need and also that God would reveal Himself to her and her family.

That’s a prayer that I know He is answering. I would love to be part of what He’s doing in her life right now, but it’s OK if my part is simply to pray for her. Please join me in praying for her and the millions of other people in this region who haven’t had an opportunity to experience Jesus.