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Fiji: Church Planting at Home

Can an engineer and a school teacher plant a church? Simelli and Josephine, a couple in Fiji, decided to start a home church. Their first step was to invite some non-attending Adventist church members who lived nearby to join them. What next?

Their pastor told them that God created each person’s feet to take the Word of God to their communities. They remembered this as they walked miles to the homes of neighbors and other community members. With each step, they brought the love of Jesus just a bit closer to those who needed Him most. Simelli says, “I feel that the Lord has a call for me to win souls to His Kingdom.”

Many months later, Simelli has found great success in meeting his neighbors. They greet him and allow him inside to share the Bible with them and pray. He always asks God to bless them. As he and Josephine nurture these relationships, he says, “The door is always open for me.”

Growing this church plant together has brought all the founding church members even closer. They’ve become a family in Christ. Each feels grateful for being part of God’s plan for their neighbors by sharing His love.