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Australia: A Plant-Based Chef with a Mission

What do plant-based cooking classes have to do with church planting? Camila is an excellent plant-based chef with a passion for her local community in Newcastle, Australia. She uses social media to advertise her plant-based cooking classes. At one of these gatherings, she and her husband, Joseph, met Lila* and they became friends.

After a few months, Lila shared that she felt disconnected from God. She wanted to start investing in her relationship with Jesus and actively following Him. She began studying the Bible with Camila and another friend. And this is how plant-based cooking classes are linked with church planting! Today, Lila is a member of the SEEDS church plant that Joseph leads.

Connecting with the community through plant-based cooking has been so rewarding for Camila and Joseph. “We’ve been able to attract talented and like-minded people to support our mission and be part of this movement, especially PhD students from the local university and young professionals and entrepreneurs seeking a fulfilling life,” says Camila.

Join us in praying for church planters like Camila and Joseph around the world who are sharing the love of Jesus in practical ways, like plantbased cooking classes.

*Name has been changed.