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Global Mission

Karine and Vigen

Armenia: Newfound Hope and Peace

Have you ever felt a deep emptiness you can’t explain? Karine did for years. One day, a friend invited her to some meetings hosted by Global Mission pioneer Vigen and his small group of new believers. Karine was hoping for anything that would satisfy her soul.

“When I heard Vigen speaking, it touched my heart. I began to understand the Bible and that empty space was filled!” Overjoyed by her newfound hope, Karine was later baptized and joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church. “I became like a new person. I’m more faithful to God now. Wherever I go, I feel a peace and comfort that wasn’t there before.” Vigen praises God for the lives that have been touched so far. He says, “Our main goal is to spread the three angels’ messages here in Yerevan and to serve people through health ministry.”

From health expos and cooking classes to a growing colporteur ministry, these new believers are on fire for God. They follow Christ’s method of ministry, forming true friendships within their community. Then, they invite their neighbors to meet Jesus. Please keep this church planting project in your prayers!