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Global Mission

Veiled Country: The Gospel Spreads Under the Veil

My husband and I are Global Mission pioneers sharing the love of Jesus in a veiled country*. We’ve got to be so careful when we share our faith. But this isn’t stopping the spread of the gospel. Many people here want to learn more about Jesus.

One day we visited a couple who were struggling with their faith. My mom had started to show an interest in God, so we decided to take her with us. We all had a wonderful time together studying the Word of God.

To our delight the couple began visiting our Urban Center of Influence (UCI) for massage therapy, healthy meals, and Bible studies. My mom came to the Bible studies too. It was wonderful to see the three of them grow in their faith in God. They started attending worship services at our secret church plant.

Not long after, the couple and my mom were baptized. What a joy to see them give their hearts to Jesus! Please pray for my husband and me and other Global Mission pioneers in veiled countries as we share the love of Jesus with our family, friends, and community.

*We’ve removed identifying information and images to protect the Global Mission pioneers and their community in this “Veiled Country,” so that the work can move forward for the glory of God.