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Global Mission

Sri Lanka: The Power of a Bible Verse

Global Mission pioneer Loku has been growing a church plant in Colombo, Sri Lanka, for three years. In a country of more than 21 million people and where Buddhism is the dominant religion, there are fewer than 4,000 Seventh-day Adventists.

One day, Loku walked into a shop and noticed a Bible verse hanging on the wall. He asked about it and soon had an appointment to study the Bible with the shop owner and his brother. Later, they asked Loku to visit a sick woman. On that visit, he encountered five new families. Loku took the opportunity and is now studying the Bible with all five families.

The pioneer and his family go door to door, inviting people to the small group they’ve started. They largely minister to the Sinhala people. Some have shown interest and attended the meetings, where they enjoy sharing their own experiences with the group. At least, they did before COVID-19 hit. Because of social distancing rules, prayer and Zoom meetings have dominated Loku’s work lately.

This Global Mission pioneer and his small group all send their profound thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project. Loku says that God will definitely give back a hundredfold very soon.