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Global Mission

The Unreached Need Your Help!

Dear Friend,

As you will read in these stories, the critical outreach that Global Mission pioneers do is first and foremost personal. They take the time to go door to door and meet with families. They get to know them, share meals, and exchange life stories. Pioneers take the time to touch the lives of those in their communities, just like Jesus did.

When barriers arise, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, it gets harder to be personal. Many of our pioneers now rely on virtual meetings to stay connected with their small groups. Some, like Poorna in South Asia, had to find alternative ways to show their care for the community. They work to meet people’s spiritual needs as well as their physical ones.

We know that God will guide their efforts and provide divine appointments, as He did for Loku in Sri Lanka. Even in a pandemic, He will create opportunities for engagement and connection. Global Mission pioneers are ready and willing to be led by Him.

Your prayers and financial support help keep pioneers planting churches wherever they are. Thank you for partnering with us to take the gospel to unreached people around the world.