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Global Mission

Veiled City: An Exciting Adventure

Dr. Jose Dial and his wife spent some 40 years as missionaries in various nations, including a veiled country which we can’t mention without possibly jeopardizing the work there. When asked what it was like to serve in a sensitive country, he responded, “Exciting . . . part of an adventure.” He added that it was challenging at times, but that the joy he received from interacting with the people and learning about their culture was fulfilling.

Dr. Dial shared an experience that he had while on a flight. The passenger seated next to him struck up a conversation and the topic turned to religion. The passenger was a religious leader in that area, and he was interested in hearing about Dr. Dial’s faith. Dr. Dial shared some Adventist beliefs and principles with the man. His new acquaintance was pleased to learn that their religions had several things in common. Before disembarking, he told Dr. Dial he appreciated their conversation and even embraced him.

The mission of leading people to Christ and training individuals to become effective servant leaders was the passion that motivated Dr. Dial all those years.

Thank you for supporting missionaries around the world as they share their faith with others.