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Global Mission

Pioneer Challenges

Meet Olusegun, Awojobi, Onifade, and Oladke. They’re Global Mission pioneers, serving in the city of Abeokuta in southwest Nigeria.

They love planting churches, but they face several challenges that make their work difficult.

“We’re surrounded by dire need here,” says Awojobi, second from left. “Unemployment is high, so many of the people are poor, hungry, and sick. Some don’t even have a home to shelter them from the weather.”

The pioneers have limited means, but they do what they can to help. Each day, they go to different parts of the city to mingle with people and assess their needs. “We share food when we can,” says Onifade, second from right, “and help those who are ill or injured to receive medical care. We tell them that Jesus has sent us to love and serve them in His name.”

The pioneers’ kindness has enabled them to make friends in Abeokuta, but not every-one in the city is happy to see them. “There’s strong animosity toward Christians here,” says Onifade. “Some people yell at us and chase us away.”

There were only a handful of Seventh-day Adventists in Abeokuta when the pioneers began working, but by following Christ’s method of ministry, they’ve raised up a strong group of believers in only four months.

“Please pray that the Holy Spirit will be poured out upon us and our work in Abeoku-ta,” asks Onifade. “Pray that God will minister to the people through us so they’ll see His love and know that He alone is worthy of their worship.”