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Global Mission

Pioneer Mathayo rides many miles to share the love of Jesus.

Reaching the Maasai for Jesus

How do you share the Adventist message with people when there’s no Adventist church, or sometimes, even a single Adventist member, anywhere near them? Through the ministry of a Global Mission pioneer.

Living on a small stipend, pioneers dedicate at least one year to planting churches among some of the world’s hard-to-reach people groups. They often serve within their own culture, so they have the advantage of speaking the language and understanding the people.

Jasta is a seasoned Global Mission pioneer working among the Maasai people in Tanzania. During his ministry, he met a young man named Mathayo. Mathayo was a strong believer in his traditional religion, but he was curious about God’s Word. He studied the Bible with Jasta, and the Holy Spirit touched his heart.

“Mathayo was impressed by our teachings,” says Jasta. “He was very concerned about his parents being saved, so he prayed for them continually. Recently, his mother became an Adventist.”

Jasta mentored Mathayo in sharing Jesus until Mathayo received a sponsorship to study to become an evangelist. When he completed his training, the church asked him to serve with Jasta as a pioneer and continue reaching the Maasai people.

Jasta and Mathayo cover great distances, visiting people in their homes and sharing a message of hope. They help their new friends deal with difficult challenges and grow in their trust of God. The Lord has blessed the ministry of these pioneers. They’ve started a new group of believers, and about 50 members meet each Sabbath.

Jasta and Mathayo have heeded the call to be pioneers in their communities. Please pray for them as they go from house to house, sharing the hope of Christ’s soon return.