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Veiled City: It Came in a Dream

One night I dreamed that an old woman approached me with money in her hands and asked me to pray for her.

The following day, I saw an old woman taking out her trash. She appeared to be sad. I felt impressed to talk to her, so I walked over. I learned that she was worried about her granddaughter, Nuo*, who was scheduled to have surgery to remove a tumor on her spine. I offered to pray with her and invited her to come to our home that evening for a prayer meeting.

After our prayer time that evening, the woman handed me some money. “You don’t need to pay me,” I said, “but if you want, this money can be an offering.”

After Nuo’s surgery, I visited the family, taking over meals and encouraging them through prayer and Bible study. Nuo can walk now, and she attends our church plant every Sabbath.

Thank you for remembering frontline workers. Through your support, you are partnering with us to share Jesus with many people in this country!

A veiled country is one where the work of the church, our workers, and the people we seek to reach could be endangered if details were released.

*Name has been changed