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Global Mission

Unnamed Country in the 10/40 Window: Just the Beginning

“I am…” the little girl trailed off, thinking hard. Then, a grin broke across her face. “Happy!”

“Yes! Very good!” exclaimed the Global Mission pioneer. She volunteers in a rural elementary school, teaching basic English. The kids love the games she uses to make learning fun.

In this village, many of the kids are on their own. Their parents and other family members head to nearby cities for better work opportunities. So, this Global Mission pioneer and her husband invite the kids to their home and also visit them. They follow Christ’s method of ministry: mingling with people, meeting their needs, and—one day, hopefully—inviting them to follow Jesus.

These pioneers want to set up a gathering place in the village, where they can reach out to the kids’ families. They have a request: “Please pray for us, that the Holy Spirit will help us and prepare people’s hearts.”

We’ve removed identifying information and images to protect the Global Mission pioneers and their community, so that the work can move forward to the glory of God.