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Global Mission

The Unreached Need Your Help!

Dear Friend,

If the word “mission” brings to your mind images of doctors, nurses, teachers and preachers, you’re not wrong, but you may be looking at a small corner of a very large picture. Consider some creative ways Adventists are doing mission, using Christ’s method, in urban centers of influence:

  • Musicians are teaching violin in Khon Kaen, Thailand
  • Climbers are using a climbing wall to reach university students in Bangkok, Thailand
  • A sanitation team is transforming a community in Cairo, Egypt
  • Gardeners are helping seniors grow their own food in Vancouver, Canada
  • Artists are helping children paint and work with clay in Chicago, U.S.

The violins, plants, and clay all help missionaries build relationships and lead people to Jesus!

Think how important these unconventional approaches are! The violin student might never have gone to hear a preacher, but they came to learn music, and the music teacher demonstrated God’s love. The senior might never have spent time with a schoolteacher, but they befriended the gardener, and the gardener showed them who Jesus is.

Please ask God to send more missionaries, Global Mission pioneers, and other frontline workers to serve creatively at centers of influence around the world!