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Global Mission

From Outcast to Most-Wanted

In the remote Jhapa District of Nepal, Global Mission pioneer Hari faced deep-seated prejudice and mistrust while attempting to share Jesus with villagers. He prayed about this challenge and felt impressed to try a different approach. Instead of preaching to the people, he resolved to help meet their needs. He tended them when sick, provided their necessities, and safeguarded their property.

Soon Hari met Suresh Burmu whose life was in turmoil due to alcoholism, gambling, and infidelity. Suresh's troubles led him to jail, where he faced the possibility of losing his family. Hari comforted him during this dark period and introduced him to Jesus.

Over time, Suresh's life was transformed, and he was baptized. Other villagers, inspired by Suresh's remarkable turnaround, started to change as well. Hari went from being unwanted to becoming the most sought-after person in the village, recognized for his invaluable contributions. People began to trust him deeply, and Hari found great happiness in his role as a Global Mission pioneer. Hari's dedication shows that love and kindness can transcend prejudice and skepticism. Thank you for your support of Global Mission pioneers such as Hari.