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Global Mission

In Search of Meaning

In Madrid, Spain, where secularism prevails, Cero is a Global Mission church plant and center of influence. Pastor Jonathan Contero leads this unique community, offering a haven for those seeking an authentic connection with God in a diverse and genuine environment.

In a nation where some 60 percent of the population is secular, Cero has emerged as a beacon of hope. Silvia's journey exemplifies the transformative power of Cero. Her search for a deeper understanding of God led her to discover Cero through an online search, ultimately resulting in her baptism after finding comfort and acceptance within the community. Her experience mirrors the experiences of many at Cero.

As Cero grows, it's expanding its services to address societal issues, notably through plans to open a vegetarian cafe. The proceeds will support mental health initiatives for those who can't afford therapy.

Cero's mission extends beyond conventional church settings, demonstrating that church planting can revitalize faith and serve the community's needs.