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Zambia: Luapa Church Plant

Young men from the village were waiting, armed with stones and locally-crafted weapons. They’d heard that Sitali was coming to introduce Christ to the villagers. And even though Sitali had received the go-ahead from the village headman, these men had their doubts. They wanted to hear for themselves the teachings that Sitali had to present.If the teachings were deemed as wrong, they would beat the pioneer, perhaps even kill him.

The men listened as Sitali began speaking to the few villagers that had gathered that day. As Sitali continued his sermon, the group of armed men began to thin, as one by one, the men left the gathering. One young man remained up to the very end. He then told the pioneer of the men’s plan to severely harm him because of the rumors that they’d heard of his teachings.

Sitali continues his work in this village. Fourteen individuals have been baptized and others are showing interest in learning more. He also serves this community by offering natural healing remedies.

“Thank you for not just your financial support, but also for your prayers,” says Sitali. “Some territories need to be lighted with the Gospel, and programs such as this are enabling ways of reaching out to such areas.”