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Veiled Country: A Different Kind of Pathfinder Club

When church planters Daniel* and Leah started a Pathfinder club in a refugee camp, they met with just a few children on the weekends. That group quickly grew to 40 children and now meets twice a week. And the waiting list for this club has more than 50 names. Because preaching is not allowed within the camp, the church planters are trying to show Jesus through their actions. Their goal is to create strong relationships and, in private conversations, share their reasons for their love for the children and the community.

Mariam is a 20-year-old refugee who had been attending the club for a few years. She was studying the Bible with Daniel and Leah who prayed for the Holy Spirit to help her make a decision. One morning, Leah woke up to see a message from Mariam, “I know that I still don’t know everything about the Bible, but I’m thinking about baptism.”

Leah says, “Sometimes we think that what we are doing is not causing an effect in the hearts of the people, but actually, we are just instruments in the hands of God. He is the One working in their hearts, where we cannot see what is happening.”

Your financial support makes it possible for church planters to provide opportunities for young people to learn about Jesus.

*Names have been changed